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Cybernetics Tech Industries is a US Manufacturer of Electronic Controls and Motors for Conveyor Ovens  

Conveyor Oven: Speed Controls, Motors and Temperature Controls for Equipment Rebuilders

Digital Speed Controller

CTI Digital Speed Controller for Conveyor Applications

The CTI speed control has built-in presets for popular conveyor ovens.  The built-in manual adjustment mode allows this control to be used in any closed loop 90 or 130V DC motor application.  We can also create a custom setting for your product.  This speed control uses hall sensor feedback to maintain constant speed over varying loads. Burn-out proof circuitry protects control from shorted motors. This speed control will replace the control in Middleby PS ovens.  Designed and manufactured by CTI at one of our locations. Call for details.

Made in USA

  See the products page for more information

Middleby drive motor for 360 oven 27384-008

Baldor no longer makes gearmotors. See the CTI updated motor on our products page

 27384-0008 Replacement Gear Drive Motor 47796  for PS360 Conveyor Ovens  

  • - The original style gear motor has been used in the  PS360  since 2002 - Baldor is no longer making gearmotors.
  • - Replaces the original gear motor found in PS570 ovens.
  • - Add our hall speed sensor to replace motor 47796
  • - Add our sprockets to replace motors 50265 and 66186
  • -  See our updated gearmotor on the products page
  • - We have 2 options for Baldor gear motors and both are made in USA

Made in USA 

  Updated gearmotor and other gear motor options on products page here 

Lincoln Belt drive motor
Baldor motor from 2002 to 2019  
New motor for 2020 (same form fit)  
Image coming soon

New Right Angle Gear Drive Motor for ® Lincoln 1000 Series Conveyor Ovens 

  • - Right angle, 600:1 ratio
  • - Heavy duty 1/8 HP as shown on left
  • - Form fit to match the 1000 series ovens that are currently using the 369291 motor
  • - Mfg: Baldor for CTI  from 2002 to 2019  - New CTI manufactured gearmotor from 2020 - Call for more information

Made in USA

See more motor products for Lincoln pizza oven remanufacturing

Blodgett Gear motor for 3270 3870

Straight  In-line Gear Motor Replacements  for Conveyor Ovens

We build many varieties of right angle gear motors with five mounting options and four gear options. We also have several face mount parallel shaft straight (in-line) gear motors. 

Example on left:  Face mount in-line gear motor for blodgett and Lincoln conveyor ovens  $310

Matching motor speed control that exceeds the requirements of the orignial speed control for $72.
See misc products for more info on the basic speed control

Made in USA

See the Lincoln items page for more info

Hall Speed Sensor 46451 for Middleby

CTI Motor Hall Effect Speed Sensors

Speed sensors for many pizza oven applications. Replacement hall effect sensor and optical sensors for  ®Middleby,  ®Lincoln and  ®Blodgett ovens.
We design and manufacture all of our speed sensors on site in the USA . 

Example shown: Five pieces clamp-on hall sensor feedback for most gear motors.

Made in USA

More speed sensor information and several options for Lincoln

 Replacment Blower motor for Middleby PS360 27381-0075

Main Blower Motors for Oven Rebuilders  

Blower motors from 1/10 HP to  1 HP. 

Example: CTI replacement for part# 27170-0023

Made in USA 

Complete list of blower motors here

Ignition blower

Burner Blower Motors for Conveyor Ovens  

American made Fasco motor and priced below imports.  
Fasco is the original brand used in these ovens for over 25 years
Example: CTI/Fasco  American made replacement for part #27170-0011. 120V and 240V models in stock

Made in USA 

Complete list of burner blowers here

Honeywell Temperature control

Temperature Controls for Oven Manufactures and Rebuilders

We have (in stock) our replacement temperature control (Honeywell control made for CTI and also Middleby)  that is fully compatible with the PS  ®Middleby ovens. Since it uses the same hardware/software and its compatibility allows it to be plugged into the original temperature controllers shell (from the front of the oven) without any wiring, as long as the original case is is good condition. Note: The case is included and may also be replaced using the original wiring diagram ( we also include a wiring diagram)  Our custom made Honeywell replacement (shown on left) replaces the Honeywell / ®Middleby controls, including their part: 47321, MD47321, all other  ®Middleby/Honeywell controls and our own (plain face) Honeywell control used in these ovens over the past 20 years..
Our blank face (no logo) temperature control (shown on left) was developed by Honeywell exclusively for us starting ~15 years ago (April 2008). The software and internal hardware in this control is the same as the  ®Middleby control and is fully compatible with the newer modulating ovens. 
Note: All of our controls are manufactured either by us, or for us, by USA manufactures. 

We have several oven control options, including analog temperature for Lincoln ovens.

Time Temperature Display

CTI Time and Temperature Display Replacement For Lincoln Part 369172

We first developed our time and temperature display back in 1999 and updated it it with a new hardware revision in 2010. Additional software refinements through 2015. This part uses the existing J type thermocouple (included) to measure temperature, and the existing photo-electric sensor to measure motor speed. Plug and play replacement for any Lincoln time-temperature control, with no modifications to oven. Replaces the time/temperature display found in 1000 series pizza ovens. Also works with ovens using stepper motors built by ®Lincoln. Priced at $250 and includes a 2 year warranty and full installation support from our design Engineer. 

Made in USA

We still manufacture several types of displays found in older Lincoln ovens. We are the sole manufacturer of several displays.  We do not know of any other manufacture of this display for older Lincoln ovens. We make this diaplay on site. Buy it directly from the manufacturer.  No expensive conversion or upgrade necessary. Plug and Play with existing wires.. 

See more of  the controls and misc part we manufacture for Lincoln 

Replaces Middleby 33984

Thermocouple Probes For Most Temperature Controls - Replacement for ®Middleby,®Lincoln and ®Blodgett Pizza  Ovens

We build many types of probes for a variety of applications.

Example: Temperature probe replacement for part # 33984  $35
Type J Thermocouples starting at $17.

Made in USA

  More thermocouples

S8600 Igniiton Module

Ignition Control for Conveyor Ovens -  (Honeywell S8600H )

We stock a variety of ignition modules designed for specific applications.

  Example shown: New Honeywell S8600H  ( H not U )  ignition module.

 - This ignition module can be found in nearly every ®Middleby oven in use.
 - The most popular module for nearly 25 years.  

See more ignition controls here

Burner Blower Motor

Ignition Blower Motor Replacements 

  • Example shown replaces most ®Lincoln using part: 369366  
  • - 7 1/8" long (short length required for easy install)
  • - Wired with plug for Lincoln ovens
  • - Thermally protected for safety
  • - Ball Bearing design.
  • - Integrated centrifugal switch
  • - 3100 RPM

Made in USA

Price: Call - All of our Ignition Blowers are the highest quality USA products and they are always priced below the imports. 

See the Lincoln oven rebuilder page for more information

 Lincoln Pizza Oven Belt

Conveyor Belting 

Example: Full length  32" width  12.5 ft. belt for Lincoln 1000   (Complete full belt starting at $220 ) with master links    

Find the belt for your oven rebuild using the Oven Belt Selection Tool

See more belts and other products to rebuild Lincoln ovens 

See  more belts and other products to rebuild Middleby ovens 

 We stock a large number of belts and can build  a wire belt for nearly any application.

Made in USA

The ® symbol designates a registered name and trademark of the respective company. Cybernetics Tech Industries does not represent the oven manufacturer or its dealers.

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